Enter The Girat (nothing to see here)

Need lyrics! Maybe to the tune of "Mr. Telephone Man" by New Edition?


At Buck sings about how being the GIRAT means he's never had time for love (or writing), he wanders through tableaus:

1) Someone commits a grizzly murder by extreme stabbing, then hands him the bloody knife as he passes through. Buck uses it to open an envelope (lyric here can refer to his staggering cell phone bill, another hazard of the lack-of-trade). He tosses the knife and waves the bill.

2) He walks through a door (flipping open his cell phone), and there's congresscritter in a suit in flagrante delicto with a paige (possible male, possibly female, possibly one of each). Buck doesn't bat an eyelid but pauses to say "enjoyed your speech senator" as he walks through (senator waves cheerily back).

3) He wanders by shady characters furtively pumping something out of a truck into a painted stream backdrop. One of them drops an envelope of money, which GIRAT picks up, and hands helpfully back to them with a "careful, those look counterfeit,".

Song ends with a call to his editor, saying that he's heard there's a puppy stuck up a tree. What can you do, sometimes there are slow news weeks even if you ARE the GIRAT.

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