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This wiki arose from an off-hand comment in one of Fred Clark's Left Behind Fridays posts, about taking time off from the essays to tour with Left Behind! The Musical!. The clever commenters at Slacktivist quickly improvised a slew of songs for the new musical. This wiki exists to collect the songs.

(Below is just the list of titles that Vermic posted over on Slacktivist, just dumped here and made into wiki page titles:)

Oh, Rapture!
The Musical
Bye Bye Christians
Seven Bowls for Seven Judgments
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pan-Con Club
You're a Good Man, Cameron "Buck" Williams
The King of Kings and I
Hattie La Douce
Singin' in the Rain of Frogs
The Best Little Whore of Babylon in Texas
Part II
The Times They Are A-Endin'
Damn Heathens
Sunday in the Park with Nicolae
How to Succeed in Christianity Without Really Trying
The Rayford Horror Show

(Below is a list from Dawn Xiana Moon:)

[[Springtime with Carpathia]]
[[Midwest Side Story]]
[[The Sound of the Rapture]]
[[The Wizard of Romania]]
[[Kids: Why Don't We Have Any Kids Today?]]
[[The Nightmare Before Christmas]]
[[Nicolae Superstar]]

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